• Don’t use apt-get. It can’t help you to install Editor.

    But of course, use apt-get, or what other means you prefer, to install Java first.

    The installation file you download from Allen & Heath is an automated installer, equivalent to a Windows .exe.

    To run the installer, you likely will have to change the file’s permissions.

    Right click on…[Read more]

  • ^ this.

    Direct Out Option, Follow Mute not respecting the state of a DCA mute is a problem for us too. It forces us to avoid relying on DCA mute to mute inputs. We can’t afford the workaround of consuming mix buses so we can mute direct outs. Is this an option that can be built it?

    Sorry for the off topic comment, but I couldn’t resist.

  • I like all the great new features of the dLive, but I’m disappointed by the processing user interface. I prefer more knobs that are single-purposed rather than fewer or all knobs that change function depending on a state selected by the user. I know not everyone will agree. Confusion by soft buttons and soft knobs is a recurring challenge I…[Read more]

  • Larry,

    I also had occasions with a second operator working with me on one mixack where we both needed PAFL. I did similar to what mervaka suggested, which is what one of you two will have to do. It’s messy. I don’t know what capabilities Planet controller have since I’ve not used them. If it’s too messy to support, you’d have to buy another…[Read more]

  • My $0.02 regarding the capabilities of iLive: I asked an A&H sales rep at a trade show to explain why new software features were appearing in GLD with all the hype while iLive was clearly already stagnating (this was prior to the Qu). He tried to assure me that iLive has more power and capability in the MixRack than a GLD, and that iLive will…[Read more]

  • Thank you, A&H, for doing this.

    In all humility, I suggest that A&H not end this promotion. I do not want to sound ungrateful, but from my perspective, this promotion is the most significant activity from A&H for their iLive products in 15 months since the last firmware update, unlike Qu and GLD. A&H’s recent behavior shows they are focusing…[Read more]