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    In a bit of a bind a couple of days out from a show and wondering if there are any dLive hardware gurus out there that can help.
    my S Class 48 rack has stopped booting, no lighting on the front other than network if you plug in to the network ports (not dante, GigAce or ME etc).
    I’ve raise a ticket with A&H but trying my luck here as a last resort…

    I’ve removed the Dante card and AES cards just in case they were the issue.

    I’ve tried a spare power supply and swapping power supply ports.

    I’ve tried a dip switch 1 reset and a network settings hard reset.

    I’ve popped the back off to see if I can see anything obvious.

    I can see the IMX6 board has power and the green LAN light flashes with activity so that looks ok. The IMX6 daughterboard has a solid green led. I however can’t ping it or get to the web page that is normally served off the IMX6 PC. Not sure if there should be any other LEDs on this card.

    It looks like there is a DSP daughter card to the left of the IMX6 with an LED next to each dsp chip. The leds on this card are all suspiciously dim. The relative brightness on the DSP card leds is really low compared to all the other leds in the unit.

    I’ve checked the seating of this card and re-seated but still no change to the LEDs.

    Looking on the PSU sub board. There are leds next to each voltage and these are all bright green.
    I can see 56V, 5V, 17V, 7V and -17V and the blue PSU1 light is lit.

    On the main board. I can see an orange led in the center which is doing two rapid flashes followed by 1 second of black.
    The power ok led is green.
    There is an orange led further towards the front that is lit solid but I can’t read what is on this. It’s above the PASS sticker.

    On the rear the PSU led is lit but the ready light is not, the fan is spinning.

    On the front there are no leds at all other than the network activity light when i plug into the network port.

    I suspect from my rudimentary diagnosis that it’s either the DSP card died or the power to it?

    Has anyone come across anything similar before on a dLive that might help us track down the fault or explain the meaning of the blinking light if that is relevant.

    Big show in a couple of days and I don’t have time to send it back to the distributor to get it back in time for the show and I really don’t want to have to go and rent a Yamaha from the competition because our dLive has died 🙁

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