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    Hi. It is sad to hear this situation, I share the same regret with a C1500. But it is strange to read that there are cases in which it is claimed that the problem is Hardware, but reading Chris, it seems that the problem is Software. I tried to open my ticket at the sales center here in Guatemala and I have been waiting for an answer for almost a year, and I never got my ticket. What I do before I start mixing is, I leave a clean layer of channels and play with them going up and down for a few minutes. That has helped me so that they don’t get so stuck on the road.

    Regrets everyone.


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    Nicola A&H

    @chris and @minheb
    Sorry to hear you have not heard back from A&H support. If you have a ticket reference number I will follow up with our distribution partners and request that they respond.

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    UPDATE: Spoke to AM&S via email. Could not get ahold of them by phone after many attempts. However, they recommended replacing the PCB board with all the faders. They are assuring me its not a firmware issue. I am inclined to believe them because faders are still sticking and not acting right regardless of firmware.I did try to go backward to 1.83 from 1.97 and it froze. AM&S said to power it off and it came back to life, thank God. So now we wait to get parts. If anyone in here has any Dlive surface available for the next couple of months I would be interested in renting it to get my client up and going.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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