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    Is this a bug or a feature. I think it´s a bug.

    I routed an FOH talkback to my Ext input under Surface/Audio/PAFL and the input sounded in my cue wedge even though the Cue wedge fader was both muted and the fader was at infinity (off).

    It´s the same with the IEM. It passes even thought the fader is of. Here it´s not this big issue but in a CUE wedge bad things can be heard from anyone around the wedge without the speaker knows about it…

    Maybe this could be a option. Pre/Post mute/fader for each (IEM and Wedge outputs)

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    I always solve this with a mono-matrix. I send the TB mic to the matrix, where the call function via talkback-button is active.
    you would have to send the matrix to the ext. input instead of the microphone input.
    I also send this matrix to the ME-1, so that the musician only hears my talkback when I press the button

    if you only route the inputsignal, this call function is bypassed and you always hear the direct microphone signal.

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    I would say this is a feature, so your shout box is always on.

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    there is room for improvement…
    I see more scenarios… and these depend on the task

    it should be possible to connect more than one external TB sources to the cues and handle them different

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    Could the scenes do that?

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