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    I mix a large number of corporate and small events from my Surface Pro, and I’m shocked by how quickly dLive Director kills the battery on the Surface Pro. I now have to take three Surface Pros to each event so that I have enough spares to cover gigs.

    In comparison to running an iPad with a Behringer X32, the dLive with Surface Pro loses big time. Same wireless system, same venue – the iPad/X32 will run for 2-3 hours and use 11-12% of its battery life. The Surface Pro/dLive will drop from 100% to 20% battery life within 1.5 hours, and will run extremely warm the entire time.

    A&H may want to look into making the dLive Director run a little more efficiently on the Surface Pro. It’s alarming how quickly the Surface Pro gets warm when running dLive Director.

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    (trying this again…)

    I should also add… I thought the issue may have been related to one of my Surface Pros.


    I’ve tried “rotating” (using) my other Surface Pros, and they all experience the fast battery drain/warm case when using dLive Director. And, confirming that it’s not the Surface Pro – if I run X32 Edit on the Surface Pro and connect to the X32, the Surface Pro stays nice and cool and battery life is much improved.

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    i have an old Macbook Pro (late2009), the Director is running on it, but the computer gets so hot that i have to cool it with external fans.

    on my much newer Lenovo Yoga, the Director runs fast and i don’t have the impression that it’s getting very warm.

    By the way, I don’t use battery operation in live mode. That’s why I can’t say anything about battery consumption.

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    I have the same problem with dLive Director on my Surface Pro, too. I have to keep it plugged in to get through a gig with it. It must be very I/O intensive.

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    It seems Director isn’t to well optimised and has some CPU power / memory leaks that drain a lot of energy. My Macbook Pro runs super hot when running Director. Hotter than any other app, including audio and video editing CPU hungry software. There’s a lot to improve here.

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