Disable mics on a layer? Map them to a dca group and move them to layer a?

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    we have omnidirectional choir mics installed that we’re using as congregational mics for our livestream. Of course, if we turn these up in the LR it causes feedback. Is there a way to keep them from being used in the LR mix?

    Additionally I’d like to put both of them on the same dca and then move that dca to the same layer as my other mics. I currently use 16 channels which means I only need one layer. I’d like to keep the congregation mics in sync.

    Any thoughts?

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    Mike C

    First are you just taking your L R main mix that feeds the house PA and using that same mix to feed the live stream?
    What physical board output is feeding the live stream?

    If yes to the first question you need to build a live stream mix using a separate mix, to start make that mix all channels post fade.
    – Set the channel mix levels all the same at unity/0db.
    – Maybe bump up the spoken word input channels a little higher.
    – Patch an unused output to the selected mix and connect your live stream audio
    input to that output.
    – Take you room mic channels and un-assign them from the main LR mix.
    – With the mix set for post fade any changes made to the main mix will be reflected
    in the live stream mix.
    – You can PFL the live stream mix and make needed level changes to the channel mix send levels to the to compensate for some of the room mix levels.
    – Depending on how well you know the routing and programming of the SQ there is about
    another half a dozen other ways you could set it up.

    Another way would be to use a group to feed the live stream, this does not give you the means to create a somewhat independent mix for the live stream though, but it is a simpler set up.
    – If it not already set, set up a group mix out.
    – Assign all your channels to that group.
    – Un-assign your room mics from the main LR mix.
    – Patch an open output to the group for the live stream mix.

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    put your live stream on a matrix
    put the mics on a group, disable them in the main mix
    add the group to the matrix

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    Sorry for not clarifying that. We use the SQ5 and we use aux1 as the livestream mix. So we can mix it separately already.

    I’ll work thru the suggestions next time I’m there. Thanks!

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