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    I know most of the feature requests on this thread are pretty user specific and mine is no exception. This is a wishlist right?

    I wish there was a way to turn off individual channel sends on the multi-track output stream and here’s why:
    I work at music festivals mostly and there are eight to ten acts per day.
    I need a way to make a stereo recording, burn it to a CD and hand it to the performer while setting up the next act. A program like Audacity would work great but it latches onto the first two channels it “sees” (Channels 1 and 2). If I could turn everything off except the stereo mains, it would work.

    I know I can record just stereo to an external drive, unplug the drive, plug it into the computer, copy the files, etc but it takes a while for the board to re-sync with the drive and remember, I’m getting ready for the next act.

    If anyone knows of a different way to do this, I welcome your suggestions. A stereo recording program (For OS X) that allows you to select the input is really all I need but I haven’t been able to find one yet.

    As I said, I welcome any suggestions.

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    Seems to me the easier thing for you to do would be to get a CD recorder. Hook it to the AES or SPDIF output socket and just record the LR to that. Finalize and hand it to the client. Lot less hassle. I have been doing that since the days of cassettes. Well, even reel to reel come to think of it. Of course you know how risky that can be I hope. Most of the time a live recording does not reflect what you were hearing and mixing based on stage volume etc. Client will judge you by that. Sometimes ok and sometimes not.

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    I don’t have the desk here, so I can’t test this and could be talking rubbish!

    But I think, if you use your computer’s “Audio MIDI Setup” app to create a new “Aggregate Device” you should be able to choose any input you want. You then get Audacity to use that aggregate device.

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    Using an Aggregate Device is an interesting idea. I don’t have much experience with OS X. I don’t have the mixer here so I cannot try it. That would be an elegant solution. Has anyone tried this?
    Thank You!

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    Nicola A&H

    V1.3 (to be released soon) will give you patchable USB outputs so you can set USB out 1-2 to be your Main LR.
    In the meantime any other DAW should give you input source selection for your tracks. Try Reaper.

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    Thank you Nicola!
    Yes I tried Reaper. It works well. I won’t really need it until later in the year. I’ll wait for the update.

    Thank you for the timely response!


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