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    Hello everyone!
    Is it possible to switch the effects-sends to pre fader?
    I want to use a second reverb only for the in ear mixes, that is independent from the reverb on the pa.

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    Fx sends are set to post-fader from the master LR by default and it’s not possible to set fx sends as pre-fader. This doesn’t make sense. I would like to add some reverb only to the in-ears and I don’t want the effect amount to be changed with the master fader.

    Other aux sends have the option but not the fx busses. I hope they can add additional option to configure this.

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    big +1 for this.

    In my case I use the CQ-20B as part of an IEM splits rack. There are 6 of us in the band and unfortunately 1 member can’t be on them due to the mixers limitations. Obviously all 6 outputs are being used, but because FX are post fader it means I can’t even have him use one of the L/R outputs as those main faders need to be essentially set for the FX sends, which we want to hear in the in-ears. Alternatively he could use one of the Alt outputs but he’d have to share a mix which isn’t ideal.

    We knew this would be the case when we purchased it but went with the CQ-20 over other options as overall we preferred what it had to offer. He’s had to stay on a wedge, but now that we’re all on IEMs he isn’t getting as much sound on stage making it more difficult for him ironically, especially on larger festival main stages.

    I guess another feature that would help us work around this is if the alt outputs could be additional standalone mix outputs, taking the total to 8. Or better still, both of those features 😀

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