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    Hi ALl,

    i have just noticed that when running director version 1.63 on a console with 1.62 i get the version mismatch error when trying to connect. in previous versions the minor releases were all compatible. A&H, please make older minor releases available if minor releases are not compatible.


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Windsock,

    To the best of my knowledge that’s always been the case with dLive Director. What you’re saying about the minor releases being compatible is true for all our iOS apps, but not for Director. Director is effectively a virtual dLive running exactly the same code, so you’ll need matching firmware, like you need matching firmware on the MixRack and Surface.

    I can see where this might catch people out in the field. The only solution I can think of is to make older versions of Director available on the website, so you can access the right version when you need it.

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    Hello Friends Hello Nicolas
    nice to see you at ISE we actually prepare our next big event…
    Same remark for me
    Yesterday I just updated my system and got same problem need new editor firmware v1.63 to be compatible.
    By the past on iLive if you were using v1.90 Editor on v1.95 it was ok…not in dlIve…
    With new version editor also V1.63 everything ok
    But I can’t found update on ipad ……argh need to do mix on stage with ipad ( I use iPad Mini) on apple store my version V1.6 look to be ok and the last one , no more message or proposition..
    On my iPad the version is V1.60 that was working perfectly when dLive was running V1.6.
    But now when I go to apple store no new version for ipad …
    help Nicolas…as we need this ipad for control how downgrade surface to v1.60…I think I erase the old firmware version from my computer.
    Best regards


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    the iPad app should still work…

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    Thanks. ok, so i-pad compatible between minor versions but not director. Nicola, having legacy minor versions (at least for the current major version of firmware) would be very helpful.


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