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    any information about the expected price range of the iPad App for the GLD? Price MixPad for iLive is 99$, will the price for the GLD app be similar?
    Best from a glad GLD owner

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    In friendly reply to:

    Rexeltw Just remember kids no matter how good your mixing is you can’t polish a turd…

    Of course you can and that is quite often what the job actually is.
    You can polish a turd you can even make it shine.
    It is much harder, however, to make it smell good!

    On topic-

    from Stealth in the ethernet control thread: Hi Peter

    I’m afraid you cannot currently conrol Aux Send levels via TCP/IP control, only the master aux levels. This is on the feature request list for future firmware.

    Sam A&H

    I’m guessing this means that the protocol for the communication with various parts of the software (meter levels – level changes in plug ins etc) hasn’t been finished. Because of that a PC/Ipad control program/ offline editor won’t be until after a major firmware upgrade. The last firmware upgrade was June! So after the new firmware (someday)then they’ll write the control app then Apple will approve it (which I’m told is a whole other dog and pony show). In short, if you are holding your breath you’ll be very blue before this thing gets fleshed out. (info com, next summer, who knows?)

    As evidence for my pessimism, we now, 11.5 months after release, have a sort of manualish pdf thing, that isn’t yet even called a manual!

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    Well guys,

    Remember…. it’s NAMM time this month and the A&H boys have been hard at making some great videos for us, so who knows what they might be at for the show eh?

    Might they do something do y’all reckon? I think it would be well timed personally, cause I had my GLD80 packages delivered today, LOL

    Cheers boys

    Presonus 24.4.2,
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    I believe they might Jonny. [;)]



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    I’m hopeful you’ve got the inside rail on the info Chris.

    ’cause I’m like a dog begging for a bone to get a computer way into this mixer.

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    Nothing like that that I know of unfortunately. Will be interesting though.


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    Lets hope and pray eh?

    I mostly do sound for little praise and worship youth groups, and had the Presonus 24.4.2 as my previous desk, and its absolute incredible advantage to me was the unbelievably great iPad/ iPhone app.

    When I started using the presonus app, I started encouraging users to download the phone apps before they got to their services practice times, and I had them each controlling their own mixes, and was able to prevent each other from messing up other muso’s mixes by mistake.

    This got me to be quite popular amongst the little groups, even the secular bands I mixed for too.

    For me sound is a part of the ministry that I personally have, and whilst I do run some work freelance as well, for me I’d much rather be with the kids teaching them, and introducing them to new technology, they are the ones who in 5-10 years time who’ll likely be running the show in our churches so its important to teach them well.

    I have doe some conferences where there have been oddly shaped rooms etc, and have been tripped on occasion by a lack of adequate outputs for external handheld recorders etc. – so the GLD professionally was my best option to go for.

    It just needs to catch up now to the presonus in the app side of things.
    Cheers JW

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    Korg M50, Novation SL25 MKII, Akai APC40, Akai MPD26
    Logic Studio 9, Reason 6.5, Ableton 8

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    It just needs to catch up now to the presonus in the app side of things.
    Cheers JW

    And Yamaha, Roland, Avid, Mackie, Sound Craft and even (gasp!) Behringer[xx(]

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    On its way and itt will be for free. [:)]

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    Pit Lenz

    Just found this here:

    ALLEN & HEATH (official)
    Also launching at NAMM today….


    Allen & Heath adds to its range of iPad apps with the new GLD digital mixing system controller, GLD Rem…ote, providing a comprehensive suite of mixing controls for remote wireless applications using the iPad or the iPad Mini.

    GLD Remote connects to the GLD-80 mixer on a wireless network and gives the user instant access to any of the mixers channel faders and mutes, DCA faders and mutes, image controls, aux sends and assignments as well as channel input and output processing, mic-pre control and full metering. Whereas most other apps on the market offer limited control over the channel processing, GLD Remote gives control of high pass filters, gates, parametric and graphic EQ, compressors and input/output delays.

    Other unique features for system setup include a real time analyser (RTA) to ring out monitors and EQ the PA, the facility to name and colour channel strips, custom layers with drag ‘n drop strip setup to suit any application, and a mix view where monitor engineers can keep both master levels and contributions under control in a single screen. Additionally, GLD Remote provides channel PFL control to enable the engineer to remotely listen to feeds using a wireless monitor system.

    R&D director, Rob Clark, commented: “GLD Remote unlocks comprehensive wireless control of processing and mixes resident in the GLD-80, ranging from monitor mix stage setup, venue roaming and PA tweaking, and secondary control applications for fixed installs. During set up, engineers can walk around a venue and individually mute or apply level, processing and delay changes to the PA, and discreetly mix from anywhere in the venue during the show, whilst monitor engineers will appreciate being able to balance monitors from the musician’s position on the stage.”

    GLD Remote will be available soon as a free download.

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    end of february.. that’s what A&H told me today..

    GulikerAV.nl ownes GLD-80

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    Does anyone knows with what Ipad-Generation the Remote App will work? Since the info about GLD getting an ipad app i want to buy one!
    What’s about the Wireless Adapter who’s to connect to the GLD? Any special request? Brand? What are your favourites?

    GL2400 ==> GLD80

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    I would think any of the versions of Ipad would work fine.
    Their not actually passing any audio, so there is no need for
    lots of processing power.
    The Apple Airport Express works great and is easy to configure.

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    Is there any word of the monitor mixer app coming to GLD?

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    Hooray! GLDremote is available on Appstore!

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