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R72 with Franz Ferdinand in Bogota

2014/10/06 in On Tour

Colombia fly-in dates continue with the compact monitor control rig


Mini Festival, mini mixer

2014/10/05 in On Tour

Medellin Colombia, Tom Howat breaks out the 19″ rackmount iLive R72 surface for the Franz Ferdinand fly-in dates!

IMG_5800.JPG IMG_5803.JPG
How compact is that rig?!

Ballet Rambert

2014/06/28 in General News

Just setting up an interesting installation for a series of events at Ballet Rambert HQ at London’s Southbank.
Engineer Gavin McComb is using ME-1 personal mixers to provide hands-on foldback and interactive source mixing betweens the musicians who perform in two different dance studios and constantly move locations. iLive R72 and iDR32 form the central control, and an ME-U hub with Dante is patched to the performance areas using the buildings cat5 networks. The music is written and performed by Philip Selway from Radiohead, accompanied by multi-instrumentalists Adem Ilhan and Quinta. Gavin & the house technician can make adjustments in the performance area’s using iLive Editor and MixPad connected by WiFi.