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    Originally posted by john@eartsinc

    “Pops” still continue on just about every channel. Audinate assures me that it is not a clocking issue (I don’t see how it could be anyways). I’m pretty sure that I’ve just got a bad M-Dante Card. [:(] I’ll reply to this when a solution comes up. I want to document all this for anyone else’s future issues…….What are forums for, right?

    There are two things to check in the clocking. You have already set the iDR-48 as the master clock, but did you set it to use the “external clock”? It was this last setting that got rid of the crackles for me.

    iLive T80/32/Dante

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    I finally got this working correctly.

    I restored my laptop to the configuration originally set up by ADK Pro Audio. This resulted in idle DPC Latencies in the 50-80us range. I was able to get solid connection with no dropouts. I used the default ASIO settings with 128 sample buffers.

    Recording to an external drive via eSATA connection, I was able to run 8.5 hours of loopback recording (15 channels out from PC to MixRack, same 15 channels back to the PC).
    This was using Mackie’s Tracktion.

    When I attempted to set up a 64 channel test, Tracktion started giving me errors when I enabled too many channels to the ASIO driver (I think that was the problem…I didn’t track it down). I downloaded Reaper instead.

    NOTE: Reaper 64-bit version will not talk to Dante Virtual Sound Card 64-bit. You must use the 32-bit version of Reaper instead. This ran fine on 64-bit Windows 7. Once I got that straightened out, they started working fine.

    I set up a test of 15 channels out of Reaper. I then replicated the inputs 4 times within the MixRack routing so that I had 60 tracks coming back.

    This ran fine. DPC latencies were averaging in the 300-400us range, with peaks just above 500.

    iLive T80/32/Dante

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    Stix: I’m pretty sure that Tracktion transcodes on the fly between 44.1K and 48K, and since I slaved Dante to the iDR-32, I’ve not had the crackles.

    iLive T80/32/Dante

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    My Configuration:
    iDR-32 MixRack, Dante in Port B
    iLive T80 surface (not using in these tests)
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Core i7 M640 2.8GHz
    8 GB RAM, 750GB 7200RPM hard disk
    Laptop built by ADK Pro Audio
    Gigabit network port

    Windows 7 Tablet (ASUS ep121)
    Running iLive Editor
    Core i5 U470 1.33Ghz
    Windows 7 x64 Home
    Connected via WiFi to iDR-32 control network via Belden N600 HD (i.e. separate network from the Dante network)

    Dante Virtual Sound Card settings:
    Audio Format 48000 Hz, 24 bit
    Dante latency 6ms
    ASIO settings 2048 buffer size, 10ms ASIO latency
    16 x 16 channels

    No routers at all…direct connection between Laptop and Dante Primary Port
    Tried 1 meter cat 6 direct between laptop and Dante Primary port. Also 150′ Belden Datatuff Cat5E cable with Neutrik Ethercon connectors. Laptop end uses the 1M cat6 as a pigtail between a Neutrik Ethercon through connector and the laptop since the laptop does NOT have Neutrik-compatible jack :)

    Tried un-installing and reinstalling DVS since Dante Controller had stopped being able to get configuration information from it. After the re-install and activating the license, I got a BSOD: STOP: 0x000000B8 (0xFFFFF80002E64CC0, 0XFFFFFA800B0D98A0, 0X0000000000000000, 0X0000000000000000)

    That may have something to do with having the WiFi adapter connected (for activating the sound card)
    Trying again…
    Now Dante Controller sees the status of the DVC.

    *** I think I’ve gotten rid of the crackles ***
    I had not previously selected the “Slave to external word clock”. Now I have Dante slaved to the iDR-32

    HOWEVER, I still seem to be losing sync between the Laptop and Mixrack every few minutes.
    When this occurs, the green checks on the Controller turn into yellow triangles with exclamations, but there is no corresponding entry in the Events tab.
    Clicking the Reload device information button resets them to green checks, and reconnects the flows that had disconnected.

    Sometimes the controller will go to the triangles WITHOUT the signal being lost.

    I just had another instance of it losing connection. This time, however, clicking Reload did not recover the connection. It reset itself partially after a minute or so, but I had to shut down DVC a couple of times (and also disconnected and reconnected the network cable before I got the connection back. Some channels were connecting, but others had dropped out.

    Running DPC Latency Checker V1.1.0 shows an average latency of 500us. Somtimes spiking to 700-800us, never getting as high as 1ms.

    I’m going to try booting into my stripped-down boot config and try again (hopefully I can activate DVS in the other boot config on the same computer!)

    iLive T80/32/Dante

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    I was letting it play through a while. All of a sudden the first 10 channels just stopped flowing.

    The Dante Controller changed from green checks to yellow exclamation-mark triangles.

    The Events shows two events:
    * Timed out 3 times awaiting a reply to message ‘Versions” from (pc name), giving up.
    * Device AllenHth-0600d3 is now a grandmaster

    Both of these were timestamped about 10 minutes before it dropped the flows. Pressing the “Reload device information” button on Dante Controller brought the missing channels back.

    iLive T80/32/Dante

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    I purchased a Windows tablet (ASUS ep121…nice system) specifically so that I can use the Editor with touch input. This tablet has both pen and capacitive touch available.

    People are correct that in the normal presentation, the faders are too small to use with fingers. The pen is OK, but I did have some awkwardness with this. This was during a run of 11 bands in 3 evenings at a Sci Fi convention and was only the 2nd event I’ve used the iLive for.

    Working with the editor more after this, I found that there is a workaround. Use the Magnifying tool to zoom in to 200% to 250%. If you resize the Editor main window so that it just fills this area of the screen, you now have faders that are appropriately-sized for finger use.
    (ETA: This tablet runs Windows 7, which I would recommend for any Windows tablet.)
    Be sure to practice with this setup. It is easy to wind up scrolling the screen to another area of the Windows desktop. Scroll overlays will appear in the middle of each screen side. If you need to use the Editor’s scroll bars, just be sure to touch the scroll bar to one side of the magnifier’s arrows.

    I very much echo the sentiment of having a multi-touch finger-friendly version of Editor for Windows Tablets.

    I also very much want to see an Android Tablet version of MixPad (I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet–yeah, I’m one of those that got one at Google IO :)

    For many reasons I will never own an iOS device, so MixPad on the iPad is useless to me.

    iLive T80/32 w/ Dante on order

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    It is not on the approved cables list, but I am using the 150′ (~45m) Neutrik Ethercon / Belden Data Tuff CAT5e from TecNec.

    This is where I got mine:

    This is TecNec’s page:

    And I’ve got a 2nd one waiting for Dante!

    iLive T80/32 w/ Dante on order

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