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    Same Problem on my side last week 10 min after the begening of my show while recording multi pistes 18 track at 48K , just before the show i’ve turn the RTA on ??……my be this was the trigger of the prob . all faders / soft / was still working but nothing else in the screen everythings was frozen no more control . after the show i’ve shot down by the on /off switch and everything was back to normal . little bit spooky

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    Hi everyone!
    The same thing happened to me yesterday during a live situation, recording multitrack 9 channels on our sq5. Does anyone know if the sq7 has the same issue? And the situation is connected to the use of the sq-drive, otherwise it doesn’t happen?


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @zega and all,

    To collate and clarify the important bits of info from previous posts:

    • The issue is related to use of SQ-Drive and RTA on PEQ at the same time
    • The screen image freezes, but the audio, mixing core and all control continues to function. i.e. you can use all physical controls and remote apps (and even the touchscreen).
    • Removing either SQ-Drive or RTA on PEQ from the equation will prevent the freeze from occurring
    • If you have ‘corrupted’/non-finalised recordings, please try the steps here –
    • We have confirmed and replicated the issue, it can occur on any SQ model and we are currently working on an update which we will get out as soon as we can

    As you will know, we spend a lot of time on testing to avoid things like this. Occasionally bugs get through, but they don’t usually present themselves in such a scary way!
    Thank you for your patience with this.

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    Terry Wong

    I also encounter the SQ5 screen display frozen problem when I doing live multitrack recording recently.
    I was so lucky that I still can managed to stop the recording by memorizing the location of the stop button on the display panel.

    May I suggest adding the record playback stop option in the SQ Mixpad App so that we can control it.

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    You can put it on a soft key

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    Hi, first of all thanks for the answer about the problem. I had the same thing happen yesterday.
    I’d love to know, if the problem also occurs when using the USB-B port instead of the SQ-Drive for a multitrack recording?
    Does anyone know something about this?


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    @sinakunkel We use recording via USB-B together with RTA on PEQ without any problems.

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    Whats about the problem at this time? 5 months after the first post, the problem shoulb be solved in an new firmware. Its not a small bug, its a big problem. ..

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    Any news on an update to fix this bug?

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    I’ve experienced the frozen screen. Fortunately I did have the record enable button on a hot key however, not being able to use the screen was a bit of a bugger for the rest of the show! I’m assuming a firmware update will correct the problem.
    Hoping for news on this soon!

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