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    I’m lookinh help from iLive Studio user…
    During the winter festival break , I will try go deeper in the iliv’s FX…
    Actually I set up my iLive144 at home mixing a lot of multitrack live recorded during those last years thru Ethersound Network FOH/MON/REC.
    Thru Ethersound I use the iDR16 (normally used for monitor) as a second ilive fx processor without latency, this is really powerfull!
    The problem I met without to found solution is to map the iLive FADER with my Cubase DAW specially for automation of volume and Mute. I can’t learn MIDI fadeur in the Cubase dedicated MIDI page. If anybody experience iLive in studio, contact and tips would be welcome on MIDI.
    I already read all the MIDI protocol and user guide without succes…
    Thanks for help

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    The IDR midi stream is difficult to deal with in its normal format in a sequencer program. I use Logic and used “Transformer” and “Input Switcher” objects etc to convert the iLive Midi to a format the sequencer can use, then reconvert the midi going out as well. This is not an easy task unless you know about midi and your sequencer can manipulate midi data with suitable tools. One way you will find it easier will be to use Editor to control the IDR16 and then use the MIDI learn/map feature Editor has built in to get midi to and from Cubase. You can probably even run Editor on the same computer if you have a Midi loop back driver installed so you can patch midi internally between Cubase and Editor.
    Hope this helps.

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    Nicola A&H

    Yannoush, I guess you are using the A&H MIDI TCP driver? You can have a look at this old thread about MIDI control with iLive. Hope it helps.

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    Thanks Nicola – I forgot about A&H’s MIDI TCP Driver – and using Bome’s MIDI converter as suggested in that old thread is another way to get DAW MIDI control working but it’s not that simple for MIDi novices. It is good to see the QU-16 have DAW integration but is there any chance we will ever see ilive have direct DAW/Mackie Control support?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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