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    The AR2412 isn’t purely for the QU16 though – it is for a wide range of mixers, of which the 16 is the absolute baby…

    So it has a couple of inputs that you can’t use *at the same time*.

    Feel free to plug two bands in and use scenes to switch them in and out though…

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    Dick Rees

    OK, it’s not just “give me a few more channels”. Once you get beyond 16 or so channels, you WILL want groups (with the ability to apply EQ, compression, FX per the bus) and the accompanying Matrices to take FULL advantage of the increased channel count. These are just a few of the considerations involved in the larger picture. So the real world bottom line is an upgrade from the -16 to ANY of the other Qu’s.

    I use a -16 and happily so. If I “moved up”, I’d get a Qu-pac and keep the -16 for my back-up console. Then I’d log back on here lobbying for “Qu-pac as stage box” functionality…

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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