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    One limitation I was surprised to encounter was regarding tap points for Direct Outs and Aux Busses. As per the block diagram (attached) the operator is limited by ‘per AUX’ settings and a global tap option for Direct outs. IMHO should be at a channel level. As in the operator can select the tap point ‘per channel’ at any part in the signal chain when assigning to an AUX and same thing for the Direct Out. I can see a ‘per aux’ and global direct out limitation on a QU and GLD series desk however this is a dLive 🙂

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    I also would like channel level assignment of Direct Out tap points. In particular being able to select pre or post EQ for sends to the ME would be useful. I know we can use Tie Lines, but I believe that ties specific sockets together, which could lead to issues if you change your patching.


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    An old thread, but I want to +1 that Direct Outputs and Aux Send tap points should have Global “defaults” and input channel “overrides”. I would like the choice of Post LPF or Post PEQ for Aux sends and I/O outs.

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    I’d also like to +1 this. It would be extremely helpful for all kinds of uses to have the pick/tap points of Direct Outs be channel specific.

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