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    In my installed setup the surface has a few inputs that are needed 24/7, this means the surface has to be left on 24/7. It would be nice if there was a sleep mode that would turn the screens and LED’s off, but leave the inputs active and giga-ace connection active. Even if I didn’t have the inputs on the surface side, this would still be useful as my network connection to the Driverack uses the network traffic portion of the giga-ace connection.

    A question for the A&H team: I know the driverack is designed to be able to be left on 24/7, is there any potential risk of damage by doing the same with the Surface? Thanks!

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    You can always add an Allen & Heath IP controller to allow people a way to control those inputs 24/7. Or you could use the CustomControl software with a computer, mobile device, tablet, etc that is set up for this purpose. Then you can turn off the surface when it is not needed for a larger event.

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    You could make a ‘sleep’ scene with all dimmers at their lowest position then put it on a softkey and block everything except surface illumination. Then put a scene with regular lighting on another softkey.

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    Apparently I misread the OP. They need the physical I/O that is being connected to the Surface to be available 24/7, not (just) control of those inputs. Obviously the surface has to be powered on for those inputs to work, and my suggestion is not helpful in anyway!

    Sorry for the confusion on my part!

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    Same tip like @runes.
    I’ved recorded 4 scenes with 4 illumination presets and recall filters only:
    – hightest light for outdoor show
    – hight light for live concert
    – low light when people are behind me
    – very low light for theater mode

    But be carrefull when update firmware because the filter’s presets can change !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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