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    Anybody have any insights about possible mechanisms for unintended scene recall?

    The system is a CDM64 with a C2500. The C2500 has a second monitor, and a powered USB hub supporting a keyboard and trackball mouse. The second monitor is set to display the Scenes page.

    I was in the room, but not at the surface at the time. From talking to crew, here is approximately what happened:
    1) Scene 2 (a normal starting point) recalled.
    2) Mixer changes made specific to this event, but not stored into any scene.
    3) Event begins.
    4) During the event, audio was interrupted. The two crew members near the desk reported that it recalled a scene without any user interaction. One of them specifically mentioned seeing the scene selector on the external screen move. Log files indicate that Scene 2 was recalled somehow at the time of the incident. I cannot tell from logs how that was initiated.

    Both crew members affirm that they were not anywhere near the “Go” button on the surface, or near the keyboard/trackball to accidentally click/type. There are no embedded recalls programmed in the show. There were no known TCP MIDI connections or Director instances. I looked at log files to see if there were any unexpected connections to the Mix Rack. There were none, but the amount of time represented by all the log files was only 2-3 hours, because the logs were filled with failed connection reports related to an IP8 that is normally present but was unplugged at the time.

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