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    What out do you use for your subwoofer(s)? My old Presonus
    mixer had dedicated XLR mono out that I used for my Subs.


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    If you use an active PA system the sub itself would have an built in X-over to prevent the tops from damage, of if you used an passive system, you would either use something like an DBX driverack or power amps that have built in x-overs. No need to have an sub-out on the desk.

    Hope that helps

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    If I choose to run subs from their own output, it’s usually because I want to have greater control over what’s sent to them, so I tend to go for one of the mix outs – setting that mix to be post fade on each channel.

    If you just want a mono version of the main mix, this is one of the options available (twice) from the Alt outs.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi PRHODE,

    There isn’t a dedicated Main mono output socket on the Qu, however the Alt Out and a dSnake output can be configured to be a mono sum of the LR bus.



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    Hi Prhode, i don’t feed sub from main out, I use aux 9-10 for.
    Thus i have complete control on sub vs top and they don’t interfere with each other. Many pro sound engineers use this technique.
    I use 4 QRX218s powered by few crest CA12 connected to EP1 crossover.
    Other AUXs can be used as well which is easy configuraiton on QU or any other mixer.

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    As others above have stated, I use a separate MIX buss out for subs. That way I can choose what channels go to the subs.

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