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    I have a new SQ6. Love the desk!!!

    I’ve seen a weird issue that crops up once in a while. 2 of my channels will change the gain value displaued, not the actual gain. Also, when that appens, I lose the ability to make any changes to things like phantom power. I’s always the same 2 channels.
    I’m on FW 1.5.4e3979.

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    I see 4 channel gain changes…KEys TTCan TTRab Aux mic
    however if you are referring to TT Can & TTRab You Have AMM on those channels… I don’t use AMM myself but expect that could be the issue, someone will be able to chip in on the AMM tho

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    It’s more than gain changes. That is just the obvious view. From that point, I can no longer toggle phantom power on any channels. It also happens on channels with no AMM. And the gain structure does not actually change, just the displayed value. Only a board reboot fixes it.

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    Hi AsherN,

    The changes appera only on you Stagebox (as i can see).

    Which stagebox (I/O Unit) do you use?
    Is your Network connection OK? Are you using any switch or router?
    Try another CAT Cable!
    Audio thru this channels is fine all the time?

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    GX4816 through SLink. The network is fine, it is going through a HPE L2 switch. Audio is fine, gain set remains constant despite what is displayed and other functions become unavailable. Everything goes back to normal after rebooting the desk. It leads me to believe it is not the network, but something in the desk.

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