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    I checked my mixer some weeks ago and I have found that the local XLR output voltage number 11 was very low compared others…

    My methode was : XLR connector plugged in XLR output socket to an multimeter.
    Only Pins 1 and and 2.

    Mixer generator set to send 1 kHz signal and master fader set to have 0 dB on meter.
    LR mix was routed simultaneaous on all local outputs.
    Same thing with an AUX mix.

    Can you give me the nominal voltage expected ? I have between 0,6 an 0,7 V (0 dB on meter). My local output n°11 is about 0,2 V with the same settings.
    No problem with my AR2412 and AB168.


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    Normally you would measure the output between pins 2 and 3, not 1 and 2.

    +4 dBu is 1.23 Vrms, so pin 2 to pin should be about half that, or .6-.7 as you are measuring. But if the output is somewhat asymmetrical, you could still have the correct voltage between pins 2 and 3, but measure low between 2 and 1. This might affect available headroom on the output, but otherwise isn’t a problem.


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    Proper Audio

    Also take into account not all multimeters measure true-RMS. Regular meters are meant to measure show correct values at 50 or 60 Hz (power line frequency) and could show wrong voltage values when the voltage to be measured has a different frequency.
    However: if one output delivers a much lower voltage than all the others with the same meter and under the same conditions, something is wrong.

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    Hi Geoff and Proper Audio !
    Thank’s for your replies, that confirms my knowledge.

    My multimeter was true-RMS, last week I had the opportunity to use my local outputs and what I measured was confirmed : sound level on speaker plugged in my local output n°11 was very very low compared to speaker on output n°12… Set my left channel on an other output and was fine.
    Not need to repair this issue asap but when all my summer gigs will finished I’ll contact my distributor.


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