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    I created a Live Stream mix for the SQ-6 on our system (I did not set it up and am still learning some things). We have been using the USB-OUT to get the mix from the soundboard into the computer but I have found that when channels are muted, they are not muted on the live stream. What am I doing wrong or what did I do wrong when I created the live stream mix?

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    We can not know what you did wrong, since we don’t know what you did.
    There are many ways to do a live stream mix.

    What’s your way?

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    Mike C

    It sounds like your using a pre fade mix for streaming or taking channel direct
    How do you have it configured, maybe post a screen shot of the USB routing screen.

    What software are you using to live stream?

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    I have the mix setup but I don’t have any USB direct or mix outputs selected. I’m really confused. I can fade and mix the live stream well but it just doesn’t mute which is likely like you said because it’s a prefade or something.

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    only place I found usb noted in the diagrams seemed to be before the mute could affect it going to usb out

    so unless you could send it to usb from an unobvious place in the channel strips
    then you cant mute the usb or parts of it using channel mute buttons


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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