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    SQ6 with DX32 (24+8) seems to work perfectly. Tested it for two day before we tried a show (with a short Cat5e cable).

    It ran for about 5 hours during sound check perfectly, but 3 songs into the concert it disconnected. Plugging the cat5 in and out it fixed the problem for a short time.

    It appeared to be a communication issue and I suspect it may be the cat5 cable we were using – Klotz RAMcat (50-60m) – its rated to 120m for a dSnake, but only 50m for AES50 @ 96kHz

    Changed the cable to a solid core cat5e and and reconfigured the patch to 16/8 and all was fine.

    FWIW we do notice some dropout outs with ether-sound on our iLive’s with 75m of RAMcat, it was OK when the cable was new but I suspect its has always been marginal.


    Any suggestions ??

    Best Regards

    Peter Morris

    BTW – wishing you and the team at A&H a happy new year from down under 🙂

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    You could buy a couple of media converters and run over fibre, I have done this with both my iLive systems and my newer D Live, works an absolute treat.
    I used TP Link converters (about £35 each unit) then use multi mode fibre for the transport medium. I have operated this method up to 350 metres between surface and mix rack with no errors.
    The cost of the fibre is a little more expensive than deployable CAT5 cables but it has proved completely reliable, having upgraded to Dante connected amplifiers that will be the next area to get fibre connectivity.

    Pretty sure there is some information on the A&H website about fibre set ups which could be useful to you.
    Hope this helps.
    Happy new year
    Ian B.

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    aside from the optical connection I can recommend the following cable:


    Cordial CCAT 7A LONG-RUN

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    I have installations of 350′ on CAT6 Shielded with no problems. That’s QU series and AR/AB boxes.

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    Thanks guys – my concern is that the cable I was using was one recommended by A&H https://support.allen-heath.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/367/0/recommended-cables
    … so is there an issue with the SQ6 and its connection to the DX32 or do I just need a higher spec cable?

    At the moment we are substituting our dLive or iLive where ever possible for the SQ or using the SQ with a copper multi-core 🙁

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    Nicola A&H

    Worth noting that SQ support for DX32 is not currently offered in V1.0 and V1.1. Until we run thorough tests and announce official support, it’s hard to say if Peter’s issue is cable-related or otherwise.

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    Thanks Nicola,

    It was my original understanding, that the DX32 was not supported with the first firmware release, but would be with the next release, then there was release 1.1 so I thought great; it’s here earlier than expected and tried to the connect the DX32 – it immediately recognised all the channels and worked perfectly.

    I ran it for a couple of days just to make sure all was well.

    When it disconnected it seemed like a communications issue so we changed cable (to solid core cat 5e) and repatched the desk to a 16/8 format in an attempt to make it look like a DX168 in case 1.1 did not support it. FWIW it worked perfectly after that.

    If you don’t mind me asking a difficult question – when do you expect the DX32 to be working?

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