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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi All,

    SQ Firmware V1.2.0 is now available for download from the SQ Software page- https://www.allen-heath.com/key-series/sq/sq-software/.

    If you have been taking advantage of the DEEP Tube Stage Preamp, this is still completely free, you’ll just need to get an upgrade key from https://shop.allen-heath.com/, as V1.2 implements the upgrades process that will allow us to add further DEEP models in the future.

    An updated reference guide and connection diagrams can also be found on the ‘Documents’ tab for each model.



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    Thanks Keith…..and bring us more DEEP models soon and not too expensive 😉


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    What about Midi implementation?

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    YAY!! Thanks Keith,

    Loving the updates, many clients were asking about factory presets & changing channel colors (colour).

    Seems like 1.3 might cater to your DAW/Recording crowd (PAFL > buss output & MIDI/DAW control).

    I’m hoping for all GLD & dLive processing libraries to get ported over. I know there will be a $$ premium for dLive, but I’m totally willing to pay! I want MAXIMUM POWER 😉

    Can’t wait for more!

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    Works great !

    Also … thanks for fixing the FX and AUX master fader control on the MixPad app. Both iOS and Android apps function nicely.

    Now all we need is an SQ-You ! ☺

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    Setting the channel colours is perfect! Still hope for more fx control with the remote app . Someone else on the forum mentioned it before but : I’m so glad I sold my presonus gear 🙂

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    Can I use my DX32 with the SQ now? … the notes say DX hub support but there is no mention of DX32 support … ?

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    I don’t see a MIDI Protocol document on the SQ documentation page. Is that coming in a future firmware release?

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    Greetings all:
    The new firmware is nice, but now I cannot upgrade my deep processing, When I put in the new key it says invalid key, I double checked everything and tried it a couple of times, but am still having the same problem.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Strat,

    Please email shop@allen-heath.com with any issues you are having there.



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    Best New Hidden Feature not listed on the Release notes is

    the Input Names that we manually enter for each input channel (i.e. Kick, ,Snare, HH-1, etc..) are now shown on the IO Screen (instead of the basic Ip5, Ip6, etc…)

    Great Jobs A&H Team!!

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    Update was successful, also for DEEP Processing Plugin.

    but I find the procedure for the plugins really complicated

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    Update successful, unlocking DEEP Tube Preamp failed multiple times. Sent email to “shop@allen-heath.com” hoping for a response asap as I have an event this weekend I’d like to use all features for.

    I’ll be doing lots of testing today/tomorrow to ensure it is stable enough. Going to bring QU24 as backup 🙁

    I agree, the store page is quite ‘chunky’.

    The serial # and DNA # fields need ‘helper text’ (like windows activation) and tool-tips for each field stating whether dashes are needed or not, etc.

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    My update was also successful, same for the upgrade of the tube stage preamp.
    Maybe there are serious reasons why A&H sell two versions of the plugin, one for the SQ5 and one for the SQ6, but I can’t the them. based on the serial and the DNA code it should be possible to distinguish between those two types. I can’t remember but could it be possible that the DNA Code is changed wen you update the firmware from 1.1 to 1.2.
    I followed exactly the mentioned procedure, update the firmware, write down the Serial and DNA, “buy” the plugin in the shop and then generate the key based on the previous noted Serial and DNA. I see a lot of pitfalls for the users which are not clearly documented.
    – is it required to enter the ‘-‘ too?
    – is it required to respect case sensitivity for the entered values?
    – do the key generator code check for valid entered serial or dna codes?
    – do the key generator check whether the plugin matches the console, eg. based on serial number?
    – why must be the serial and DNA entered twice? these are no password fields, the user can check the values before hitting the button to generate the key (ok, maybe the field width can be larger so the whole value is visible;-) )

    As an old software developer I am used to deal with such kind of tricky product registrations/unlocking mechanism. The one for the A&H plugin is far away from being the worst, but also not even close to those which are easy to handle. I hope that A&H can make the procedure easier for the customers in the future.

    Never the less the new firmware is fine. I really love the free definition of channel colors. for me it is the number one feature of this release;-)
    My next favorite feature would be the improvement of the scene management so that I am able to do some theatrical/musical stuff with the SQ. But I think I have to switch back to a M32 next month:-(

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    Can you adjust the EQ graph via the touch screen on the desk now? The SQ I saw at BVE couldn’t do this and the rep on the audio technica stand said this would be addressed in the V1.2 firmware

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