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    Hello problem solvers. The goal is to introduce a MAC & DAW to the system, which includes SQ-5, DX168, and ME1 personals. I’ve the A&H DANTE v3 card presently installed. It’s my understanding that S-Link and DANTE are incompatible for ME1 usage, so I’m feeling a bit cornered. I’ve ordered a second S-Link card, but its use seemingly handcuffs me from using the DAW (I think). Current system diagram attached. Any suggestions would be extremely well received. Thanks, all.
    Douglas Larsen

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    Instead of using the two DX168 boxes you should replace those with a GX4816. The DX2 port on the GX4816 can be hooked up to an ME system. As soon as an ME system is connected to the DX2 port it will self-configure and the ME patch will show up on your SQ. That way there is only one SLink port needed and you can still keep and use your Dante card for your Mac recording rig.

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    Thank you. That’s a great solution for the next growth step. For now, I have to work with the kit I have. These are the limitations for DAW connection to use ME’s, I believe:
    -USB 2.0 to MAC, 32×32 channels (48 or 96K).
    -If DX hub is added, ME-1 inputs limited to 32, which could be acceptable.
    Other solutions/comments welcome. Thanks!

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    Hi dwlarsen,
    situation is kind of simple. You can connect to your PC either by USB Port (32×32 @44.1k) or by using an extension card. If extension card is already in use for other stuff, then the remaining options are quite simply to lay out 🙂

    Best Regards,

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