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    Hello all, I’ve got a two part question on streaming setups.
    Right now our SQ-7 is set up to send a Matrix out to our video booth via Dante. This Matrix follows the main L/R FOH mix.

    1. Is there a better/preferred way to get more control and fine tuning of the audio we send out to streaming and that can be simplified down to a lowly mixer like me.
    I know I can switch the matrix to follow an AUX mix instead of the L/R’s, but I hear a lot of talk that grouping is better?

    2. Is there a way to listen to the Matrix separately from the PAFL Headphone jack on the surface of the mixer.

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    Mike C

    Using a mix for live streaming lets you adjust the “mix” that is feeding the live stream, post fade you can set the mix send levels as needed for a generally correct balance for live steam and then that mix will track what is done with the main mix.
    A pre fade will need to be actively “mixed” during the live stream while monitoring it in a remote location from the main system, that mix could be done with an ipad, With out getting into double patching the person mixing live stream would have control of the levels and overall output processing but not individual channel processing, of course the pre fade option requires a dedicated operator to tend to the live stream audio.

    To listen to a matrix on the matrix master select PAFL.

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    Regarding your 2nd question:
    In I/O / Outputs / Monitor Out
    you can send the listen bus wherever you want, including Dante.

    You can define a soft rotary to control that volume or control it from Sq mixpad.

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