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    I’ve been getting to know the sq-5 for the last few days, and am really impressed with how much desk you get for your money. I work primarily in theatre, and once the already announced per-scene recall filters and fade times have been implemented, would fairly happily use the desk for a production.

    I have a few suggestions that would further improve the implementation:

    1) Currently DCA master safe makes both the level and the name safe. It would be great if both routing and name could update on scene recall, whilst the level remained safe.

    2) During scene recall, blocked faders (DCA master in my case) appear to recall their current value. If I am adjusting a fader that should not be recalling when I recall a scene, I often end up either fighting the motor, or the motor grabs it just after I’ve adjusted, pulling it back to it’s previous level. Is it possible to stop this from happening? When I worked on the GLD, I don’t remember making DCA levels safe having this effect.

    3) Reset Mix Settings resets the desk, but doesn’t wipe scenes or libraries. Is there an easy way to empty your scene list when starting a new show file?

    4) I’m also looking forward to the release of the SQ Midi protocol, for editing and recall.

    Other than that, really happy with the desk!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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