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    While we are doing live streaming services in our church during corona we use routing and especially an aux very much. During that time we saw two things which could be bugs perhaps, but don’t know exactly what is going on there.
    We are using SQ7 with Firmware 1.4.3

    1. Less low frequencys through aux.
    We have no explanation for it, but while the low frequencys are ok in the main mix they are not equal loud in the aux mix. We had to use the GEQ to give it some more power. How can this be? Do you have any ideas what happens there and why we experiencing that?

    2. Getting mono via headphones on a stereo aux mix
    We have a stereo mix which is routed in a mono matrix afterwards. As far as I only use the hadphone for the aux mix all is fine and I get stereo throught the headphones. When I am using the PAFL for the Mono Matrix the sound is mono on the headphones also. But: Switching back to the stereo aux mix will leave the headphones on mono, even if the mix is stereo. What? Is this a software problem. After switching that single mix back to mono and again to stereo the headphones switch back to stereo. Seems to be a software problem?

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    I guess there are some mix related problems…

    1. is the aux mono or stereo?
    phase issues can cause problems in summing signals to mono
    or different panning of signals in the stereo aux mix can cause similar problems

    2. what happens if you listen to the main mix after PAFL the mono matrix?

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    1. The Aux is Stereo as described above.
    2. The Main is always Stereo vie PAFL, no matter what happend with aux and matrix pafl.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi lomtas,

    I’ve not been able to recreate this behaviour on my system. Could you forward a link to a video of how you get this?


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