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    First of all, sorry if there is any already existing thread with the same topic.

    Is there any way, to safe FX-Inserts (including parameters) like Dyn-EQ or DeEsser but not the parameters for send-return FX like Reverbs global –
    while using snapshots/ scenes.

    My problem:

    Im on tour and using my sq5 for FOH.
    I got the whole set in snapshots for each song, so i don’t have to change parameters for my drum- and vocal-reverbs again and again.
    But i noticed, that im losing my group-inserts (dynamic eq’s, multi band compressor) when i go up to the next snapshot.

    You can block to overwrite the parameters for all FX.
    Then all inserts stay right in place. But my parameters for the send-return FX also will stay the same as in the song before.

    I checked the manual and asked multiple friends.
    But i still have no idea

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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