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    Mike C

    Show design attached. Unfortunately, I have just discovered that you can’t send from a group to an effect, which means I have to insert some reverb into the stream mix. This is far from ideal, as I don’t want reverb on backing tracks or when the service leader is speaking. Therefore, it will need to be turned off and on, or removed completely.

    True you can not send a group to a FX, FX are added on a channel by channel basis as needed.

    IF you want a different reverb for the streaming mix than in the main mix bring up another FX send on those channels and then only route the FX return to the streaming mix send directly.

    Your leader speaking mics should never be sent to an FX….unless they are using a vocal mic for the service.

    Put all of your FX returns on a DCA or a mute group so you can mute them with a single

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    Hi Mike,

    The reason for wanting a separate reverb on the stream is that it sounds nice with a longer hall reverb. However, that longer reverb does not work in the church, because it crashes into the building’s natural reverberation. However, I concede that it might be over-engineering.

    A few weeks ago, I tried leaving the stream reverb on, while the service leader was speaking. It took me only a very short time to realise that it was a bad idea!

    As you suggested, I have created a DCA for all the effects channels and I will probably make it a mute group. Aside from being useful in this particular situation, it provides a useful “get out of jail card”, if the effects go wrong and the sound engineer just wants to silence all of them quickly.

    Thanks again for your advice.


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    and I will probably make it a mute group.

    you can mute the DCA as well and you are able to fade out the FX if needed…

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    Thanks Steffen,

    Yes, I agree it’s reassuring to have an easy way to mute or reduce the effects. I have found it is quite easy to get confused with the send/return FX approach, so it is helpful to have that safety net. Some of our church engineers operate the system only once per month, so we need to make it as safe as we can for them.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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