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    Please forgive if this has been answered elsewhere. I have been unable to find references on line.
    We are a church setting up a new QU-32 for live sound and exporting to video streaming.

    My question is regarding setting up QU-Pad connectivity via wireless router, internet connectivity and on-line security.

    Specifically, is there an issue connecting our QU-32 from the Qu network port to a wireless router which in turn has a connection to a local network and the internet?

    The QU-32 reference guide shows a diagram of a closed network between the Qu-32 and the wireless router, with no other connections. Assuming our network has a good firewall and strong passwords, is there a problem with the QU-32 having connectivity to the internet either technically or for security?


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    Mike C

    No there is not, I have set up Qu’s and other digital mixers with them on the facilities wifi network. You should get with your IT person and look at setting up the mixer with a static IP address, DHCP will work though.

    You could take it step further and within the facilities wifi network set up a sub net with a different and hidden SSID id dedicated to the mixer.

    Also if the wifi network has it available I would look at only using a 5g connection for the mixer. 2.4g can get really congested with other traffic.

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    no technical restrictions only security issues
    but if you are aware of that
    there should be no problem

    have a look here

    and the topic title is misleading… a direct connection would be a WAN cable directly plugged in the QU
    and that’s a very bad idea… 🙁

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    Thank you!

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