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    I’m having some problem when editing and mixing with the Qu-Sb Portable 16. When I open protools to start editing and mixing sometimes the audio makes like white noise for a time, Then it stops and I can continue with the work but then it starts again this annoying white noise. My computer is an ASUS Rog GL552VW. I tried using it with a Scarlett 18i6 and it works fine! I’m starting to think that there might be an incompatibility with the computer and the Qu-Sb. Someone is having this problem?

    Thanks a lot!

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    For starters are you sure your PT session is set for 48k sample rate. That’s usually the cause of clocking noise.

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    Yes, the sample rate it’s at 48k.

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    I have sent an email to Allen and Heath Support. This is what they told me to do, so i will do it and tell if it works fine when i arrived to my studio!

    “From what you’ve described and having a look at the details of the laptop, I suspect this is an incompatibility issue with the USB support of the intel chipset, which we have seen before.

    The Qu series uses the isochronous transfer method specified for USB 2.0.
    Unfortunately, intel broke compatibility with this method with their USB 3.0 host controller driver (xCHI, or eXtensible), even though it should be backwards compatible.
    This issue affects many USB audio devices, and apparently intel currently have ‘no plans to fix’.
    Although your Scarlett 18i6 may work fine, this does not use the same hardware as the Qu-SB, just the same connection type.

    To confirm the host control driver you are using – check in ‘Device Manager’ under ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’.

    The only work-around I am aware of is to update or disable the host controller driver.
    So, presuming your computer is all up-to-date, you can disable in the BIOS (if the option is there – you’re looking for ‘HCI/xHCI/AHCI’) or in the Windows add/remove programs, where you may see the intel eXtensible host controller driver listed.
    This will unfortunately disable USB 3.0 functionality, but should fix the incompatibility issue.”

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    Welcome to the club. See my other posts, I made a follow up with Intel and to make it short.

    You are screwed, buy another computer without INTEL parts because they don’t deserve your money anymore …

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