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    ok I have 3 drives a Seagate expansion 1T that I have been using for a year and 2 new WD Mypassort ultra a 500 and 1T, I had a lot of Multitrack material stored on the Seagate I backed up the files on a computer and after 1.6 firmware I went and Formatted all 3 on the QU well I wanted to use one as a live playback drive so I copied my multitrack files back to the WD 1tb and went to play them back OH GOD they sounded all broken up and jumped all over the place. I tried the 500 WD same thing, then I put the files Back on the Seagate and they played fine. Now the WD were suppose to be approved SO I formatted the WD drives again and recorded some material they worked just fine matter of fact they seemed faster to play back and record. Why cant I copy the multi tracks back to the a different Brand drive. has anyone had luck playing multi track off a good Memory stick?

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    I know many have been using the SanDisc extreme USB 3.0 drives of varying sizes for both recording and playback…

    As for why the files “skipped”, there is a myriad…

    First after copy defrag the drive…sometimes the OS likes to copy multiple files and seems to interleave them on the drive…not so good for a streaming application…

    Next, just double check that the files you grabbed are the right bit rate and depth…some daws automatically resample them and that’s not good either…

    Lastly, check drive for any bad sectors and errors…

    Repeat the test too…sometimes things happen…

    Remember the application here doesn’t have much for buffs on the console, and not a big processor for this either…and streaming is very picky over latency…


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi topdj,

    When files are recorded on a drive from Qu, tracks are interleaved into clusters, which makes for best playback performance.
    When files are transferred from a PC or Mac, typically the files are written to disk one by one. Depending on the drive, when reading the files for real time multitrack playback, this can stress the performance of the drive and playback is compromised.

    This should explain your findings.

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    This is where SSD’s have such a huge advantage over spinning rust…

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