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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    We have published the Qu MIDI Protocol specs on the product page.

    ‘Qu transmits MIDI messages when its controls are operated. It also responds to parameter changes it receives via MIDI, for example from a computer, Qu-Pad or an external MIDI controller.’

    Hope this helps.

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    First, thank you for posting this. I was able to figure out how to midi control my QU-SB because this document exists.

    So, please don’t take it personally when I say – could you have at least gone to the trouble of converting the hex values? This is one of the most unfriendly midi spec sheets I’ve come across in ages!

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    The MIDI protocol specs are essential and effectively was the deciding factor on picking up a QU-SB mixer for me. I was originally on the fence as it seems risky to me to invest in a system that can only be controlled via iPad. You never know how long a company will continue app support and development, especially with pro audio gear as the amount of support largely depends on adoption rates. However, I am also a software developer and open sourcing control protocols means I can always develop my own control software should the app be abandoned.
    With all that said I have basically been able to get everything working via the provided MIDI protocols. However, I have run into difficulty with the Sysex protocol. So my question is does the QU-SB send meter data over USB MIDI or only with network (TCP) MIDI? Because I’ve tried polling for the meter data and running the Sysex All Call over USB MIDI and I receive no reply from the console. All the other controls and buttons return MIDI messages as expected.

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    In my opinion it is a very friendly midi spec sheet. Using the hexadecimal system is quite commen and very pleasant when working with byte values.

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    Can you post a direct link please? Can’t find this anywhere. Thanks.

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