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    Since I exclusively use mixpad for our setup and am therefore mobile, is there a way of routing the PAFL outputs to a device/dongle with which I could cue/listen via wireless earpods (such as the Apple Airpods)? Makes sense?

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    No that is not possible as on the iPad there is only audio control but no actual audio. So if you want to listen wireless you have to use (wireless) IEMs.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Lozion,

    As JeroenAudio says, the remote apps are control only. The latency and potential issues with sending audio wirelessly means that a dedicated IEM system is required.


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    AES DAC to bluetooth?

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    I understand 200ms latency is normal for Bluetooth though some devices claim about 50ms. Still too slow for live monitoring, though I guess it may be useful for checking that something is working during setup.

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    use a budget IEM system instead, that works pretty well
    sound quality highly depends on the IEM system

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    Yeah, we have a spare IEM kit I could use.. I just thought a pair of Airpods would be less bulky, lighter. Etc. Also, would help isolate my tired ears who mix 5 nights a week.
    I use molded earplugs with 12db reduction for that duty but it would be cool to check in on the mix once in a while via airpods. Btw, are the newer airpods pro a good thing to use in a live situation with the “transparency mode” and “active noise cancellation” features? Anyone know? Txs.

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