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    Hello all,

    I’m new to digital boards so please be patient with me. I have 2 issues that I’m troubleshooting:

    I have the DLive C3500. Does any one have some thoughts on why my podium mic suddenly developed noise – digital fry or sizzle.

    Also, I am constantly dealing with feedback with it too. Do you have any EQ suggestions to help with that?

    Thanks one and all,

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    Hi Mary,

    Could it be that the gain is set too high? If it’s turned nearly all the way down and it’s still too loud, engage the pad on the channel.

    I would start by engaging the high pass filter and setting it to at least 100Hz. Adjust it up until you can start to hear it take away from the person’s voice, and then go back down slightly.

    There are no “one size fits all” EQ settings that will resolve your EQ issue. Properly setting the gain will fix some of it. To EQ the mic, you will need to turn up a band and make it really narrow, and then sweep it until it feeds back. At that point lower that band and widen it slightly. Use about +6 on the band when sweeping, then lower to about -3 on the band (or more if needed) until the ringing stops. You will need to find each of your trouble spots and repeat this process until you have it cleaned up.

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    Hello gerbermary,
    I don’t want to annoy you, but when you ask me these questions, I immediately have a counter-question:
    Have you thought about booking someone who knows about acoustics and can set it up for you?

    Using this great mixing console does not automatically make you a professional 😉
    It’s not easy to answer your questions if you don’t know the situation. What are the acoustics of the room, which loudspeakers are there and what are their radiation characteristics, where are the loudspeakers and how are they aligned, which microphones are there, what are the speaking distances, can the speaker speak professionally, how loud is the audience? There are simply far too many parameters that play a role here. And only then comes the mixing console and how to handle it.

    So please do not misunderstand!

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    Did that mic work ok before you got the C3500? Was the podium in the same place in the room? Have the speakers moved?

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    You need to do a lot more before you start to try to EQ out feedback issues.

    As to the mike sizzle: that could be many things. We would need a lot more info to help.
    Although it could be improper gain staging.
    Did anything change before that noise started next? That would be a big clue as to the cause.

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