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    So, I have Superior drummer going out from my DAW into the mixer channel 3/4 USB.
    I can change the Channel strip settings (Gate, EQ) and hear the difference when making the changes while SD3 is playing.
    However, I cannot hear any changes made to the compressor.
    I hear no changes while listening “live”.

    When I record the drums back to the DAW, via Main (23/24), it records all the parameters, also the compressor.
    I tried extreme settings, and the compressor was really squashing it in the recording, but none of that can be heard pre recording. While EQ and Gate works fine.

    Im thinking this must be a bug, and quite a huge one.
    Unless I’m missing something.

    I tried switching Headphone outputs to Main (from Out 1/2). Now it works.
    Weird though that the compressor doesn’t come out on Out1/2 while the Gate and EQ does.


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    KeithJ A&H


    This is by design and shown in the block diagram here –,41,74

    Outputs 1-6 are fed from each input channel post-PEQ (pre-compressor) as the most common application is for monitoring, where engineers and performers generally don’t want compression to be heard as it affects the dynamics of the performance.


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    Thanks Keith.

    This makes it difficult though to use with a Daw unless you send everything to Main.
    Meaning, If set headphones out to Main I get the effects, but if I then also connect my speakers to Main (instead of Out5/6) then I’d have to shut my speakers off physically to only get sound out my headphones. This is not doable.
    Is there any other way to separate headphones from speakers if they both go to main?

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    Just FYI,
    Solved the mutable speakers issue with a monitor controller. All good now 🙂

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    is it possible that in a future update get to choose pre/post compressor send to aux?

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    This is inconvenient. For example, I want a control room mix (out1&2) and studio mix (Main L&R), but I would like them both to sound the same, just different output faders. If I adjust the Mains, I don’t want the control room level to be affected and vice versa.

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    +1 for having the compressor available on main + other outputs. I’d like to have the compression audible in the monitor mixes as well.

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