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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to playback multitrack recordings through the SQ6? I am new to this desk but will be teaching some basic live sound to students using the SQ6. Ideally I would like to load some pre recorded sessions onto the desk via the USB on the surface, is this possible?


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    It is possible, yes. The nomenclature of files & folders on the USB drives is quite specific though and the SQ doesn’t allow ‘meaningful’ names, so it’s quite easy to tie yourself in knots trying to remember what’s what. It’d be far better to use the other USB and connect a DAW: Reaper is affordable and runs really light.

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    In addition:
    Since there is a lot to consider, it is best to read the description in your manual on pages 97 to 99.

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    Yes, as mentioned, I would review the manual and seek out some tutorial videos on YouTube. The manual does explain how to do what you want but it can be quirky as stated above.

    Agree with @Adethefade. Another option is to hook up the board as a USB DAW interface and play by multitracks (in the DAW) through the board while recording on the board at the same time. Essentially recreating the recordings directly onto the board USB drive in the board. This worked well for me on the CQ board to get around issues I was having copying over existing files but is admittedly a few extra steps and some time.

    In any case, use a high quality/high speed USB thumb drive and format it with the SQ board itself for best results (you will loose anything on the drive when you format). Once formatted, you can use it back in your host computer to try and copy the files. I can’t remember if formatting it creates all of the folder structures. You may want to dummy record a multi-track session on the board (even if there is no audio playing) just so you see the complete folder structure it creates.

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    Thanks guys

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    I’m still very new to the SQ board, but I’ve had some luck with the USB thumb drive, which I find really useful for virtual soundcheck.
    It is a bit dicey and sometimes quits (the board notifies me that the thumb drive is too slow) so I remove the drive then put it back in, than about a minute later it works again.
    One thing that I’ve found helpful is to only record as many tracks as are necessary. My first few attempts recorded all 32 tracks of the SQ-7, but – even when recording – the board notified me of write errors, and of course, read errors playing back, so the fewer tracks recorded and played back helps with stability.
    Recording tie-lines to USB was really useful too, since the signal come straight after the preamp.
    When playing back, I go to the I/O page and select inputs from the USB. When I’m on that page, i go to the library and pull up a preset for this routing, and it’s all playing back well. Then do the reverse to go back to the “local sockets”.
    I only use this for Virtual Soundcheck, and has been really helpful.
    There is a list of USB sticks that have been tested by users – check that out. There’s something like a thousand listed with hugely varied results.
    As suggested above, it is far better to do it with a DAW connected to the other USB in/out – it will be far more stable.

    Good luck!


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