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    Hi All,

    Does anyone else handle multiple talkback mics? from what i can see in 1.8, we can send a talkback to multiple groups but still can only select a single input socket as the talkback source. What i would like to do is have a number of mics available as talkback (ideally assign each to a softkey for push to talk). i could think that some funky routing could get these into an aux or a dry effects channel then route that as the talkback input, along with a mute assigned softkey for each mic input; but this seems overly complicated. Any other thoughts out there?


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    You could use some of your input channels, then route each of those channels to the group of Auxes that you want them to work with. Then bring up their levels, and setup “Mute” assignments on the softkeys and “Invert” the LED so that it is off when not in use, and lit green when active. These channels once set, wouldn’t even really need to be assigned to any strips on the surface.

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    I think each surface (including the iPad apps) should have it’s OWN talkback channel, just like they can have their own PAFL!

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    i would argue for a talkback matrix that would allow you to freely route different talk inputs to outputs.
    That would be an exciting thing, with which you could also realize talkback systems for the musicians.

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    In an era where more and more musicians are mixing their own monitors with an iPhone or iPad, adding in talkback groups and individual TB channels, as well as PAFL functions for each musician is what is needed. A&H could lead the pack, and are very close to having this, with just a little more tweaking of their software.

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