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    Is there a way to have multiple settings on a single channel? For example I have one wireless pack that needs to be shared between 2 different mics, each needing specific settings.

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    Save settings as libraries or split the mic to two channels. Or have difdifferent scene setups.

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    I’d go with different scenes with the appropriate recall safes. Depending on how quickly you need to swap between settings, you could assign the recall of those scene to a couple of softkeys.

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    Interesting… if its the money channel?
    Really .. they are all money channels to myself.
    At some point in the event, some one will be on the wrong recall. Just by accident maybe?
    DO you recall the setting back in the middle of the speech or singing? eek!
    If the settings are ‘that different’
    I would use 2 channels so you can fade in/out with only subtle change.
    Of course that scenario depends on how many channels available?

    My 2bit worth 😐

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    I do a ton of wedding receptions with different bands, and I use a Sennheiser wireless for the female backup singer and she does a lot of the announcements and most of the time her wirless gets handed to someone in the wedding party for their speeches.
    The wireless receiver that she uses is routed to two different channels, so when she hands it off to the best man, I switch to the “speeches” channel where there is considerable compression available just in case the person eats the mic, you know, usually the best man who loves to hear his voice over the “speaker system”. I have that “speeches” channel muted in ALL of the monitors and I have complete freedom to switch it right back to her channel when the speech/s are done this way she always sounds consistent.
    Unless I misunderstood the original poster’s dilema, I personally would NEVER change the scene to accomplish this simple task.

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    Either an analogue split, or if you use a dSnake then you can allocate the input to two channels.

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    I am just running into this situation myself – all 16 channels used (so I can’t split them), there is a backup band (ch 3-16), and 2 mics (Ch 1 and Ch 2) that go between different singers. We’ll have time to sound check, but I know ahead of time one of the female singers is very quiet and will require drastically different settings.

    I know the backup band mix will change between sound check and the live performance so I definitely don’t want to do scene recalls.

    Do you all suggest using libraries for the different singers and then just recall the library setting for the single channel? Or just do it the old-fashioned way and write down the settings (probably will do this anyway).

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    use scenes if you can’t split…

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    “I know the backup band mix will change between sound check and the live performance so I definitely don’t want to do scene recalls.”

    That’s what the “Safes” screen is for. Just make all outputs (Mixes) & all other inputs safe except for the channel that’s swapping. See page 59.

    The “All Safe” button will be your friend here….

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    Got it – thanks, I’ll play with the safes and scene recalls to make sure I understand.

    I appreciate the input!! you guys are great.

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