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    Can someone explain the me the mystery in scene safes, role safes, and recall filters? We have a one rack, two surface environment for FOH and broadcast, split 64/64. Twice now, I have lost my strip assignment on the broadcast board as it getting the strip assignment from the FOH board. We have two different scenes, one for FOH and one for Broadcast that are role safed. I have strip assignment marked in global safes and still no luck. I upgraded to 1.70 this past week, brought everything back and did several test recalling scenes from both surfaces and everything was fine. This morning I logged into the broadcast surface to find the strip assignment lost again and couldn’t get it back. When recalling my Livestream scene again brought that strip assignment to the FOH surface and vice versa.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi acs680,

    Scene Safes – selected settings will not be affected by ANY Scene recall.
    Role Safes – selected settings will not be affected by ANY Scene recalled by the Surface / Director where the Role Safes are set. So for example, the FoH Surface should be set NOT to recall any setting for Monitor/Broadcast channels.
    Recall Filters – per scene recall scope (selected settings will not be affected by the recall of the scene in question).

    Are you using the template FoH and Monitors multisurface Show files, or were the Show files created ad hoc? If the latter, I suggest you send a copy of both Show files to our Support team so they can take a look at them for you.
    Are you recalling Scenes or entire Show files when the strip layout changes unexpectedly?

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    Scenes are what are being recalled. Out of frustration, I took all safes off and recall filtered our FOH and Broadcast scenes. Everything has worked for weeks until today when the broadcast surface took on the FOH strip assigns again. I verified strips were recalled filtered.

    We did some testing a week ago with role safes and everything seemed to be safing as it should between the two surfaces, however we haven’t had time to change back to them from recall filters.

    In both role safes and recall filters, things seem to be working correctly such as processing and levels, it’s just the strip assigns that keep getting messed up. If this did ever work correctly, what if FOH needs to change strip assigns with a scene? They do occasionally, but broadcast never does.

    At this point I’m about ready to give up and use an SQ and a gigaace card to ensure broadcast never changes layouts.

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