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    I have zedi10fx – I’m really enjoying the interface/mix aspects that let me play silently with my tutor online and practice silently.

    I have Zedi sending M1-M2-L-R through usb and this is allowing me to easily send guitar & mic to zoom via zedi-10 3&4. This is working great. You wouldn’t believe the hassle I went through prior to getting the mixer hence really grateful to the team for providing an affordable mixer. You’ve helped me keep peace with my neighbours 🙂

    I’ve installed Cubase elements that came with Zedi in the past few weeks and I’m exploring creating a drum loop on an instrument track in Cubase. I’m sick of playing with a metronome.

    Is it possible for me to get the instrument track routed back into mixer : main L/R & zedi-10 3&4?

    Note, I don’t need the effects on the mixer for this scenario. I may want to record through main L/R but that isn’t a priority just yet.

    I have mic in M1, Amp DI in M3/M4 (stereo from spark amp) and I’m monitoring with headphones. I’m not using the Stereo 1/2 ins on the mixer.

    I was thinking this would be possible just by creating an output bus in Cubase – I have the zoom audio coming into st2 and that leaves st3. Is my thinking correct?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I seem to have this working. All I had to do was create a output bus in cubase to M3/M4 (Stereo) that is pushing Drums from daw into the mix with guiar and mic. I need to do a little more balancing of mix but I was surprised this worked. PFL is a super feature.

    I haven’t tried recording yet.

    This seems to get the USB sources combined with the mix by default even when I have something already plugged into the inputs 🙂

    Sweet that we have this mix integration to overcome limits in the interface.

    Stereo drums / Stereo guitar / Mono mic – rock on.

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge on this I’m used to working with interfaces.

    I have my eye on CQ-18T for the future but this should do me for now.


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