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    “@Home”, i have my Mixing gear in some storage room and my tablet or PC in an office room where i do show plannings, calculations and configuring things with my desktop PC or some tablet.

    So if i need to configure things on the Mixer, i just go to storage room once, plug in the power Cordand switch it on. Most of the rest i can do via Tablet since the Mixers Controlport is connected to the LAN there.

    There remain some small things the App cannot do that are a bit annoying in that situation:

    1) it is impossible to define the Mixer’s channel strip assignments remote since the tablet has its own local strip assignments. I can copy those from the Mixer to the App, but neither copy Strips from App to Mixer nor edit the ones on the Mixer from the App. Would be nice if that could be done somehow (for copying, if the Strip in the App has more assignments than the Mixer, for me the additional ones could simply be ignored or just trigger some warning)

    2) to save the Show, i have to bring the Mixer to Sync Mode. That needs to walk out of the office to the storage room and touch the Mixer physically.

    It would be nice if there were a way to switch the Mixer to sync Mode and store the active Show to the Tablet or PC remotely without having to touch the Mixer so i only need to enter storage room when i want to carry the Mixer to the Venue.

    Since Sync Mode can be a “Show Stopper” on live Venues, the activation should be secured additionally against accidentially usage or sabotage by entry of some PIN or restricting to a User with special Administrator privileges.

    3) DeLuxe Version: if the Mixer could be shut down and powered of remotely (also additionally secured!) and had some “Wake on LAN” Function on the Control Port, i would even not need to go to storage room to switch it on and off.

    However, at least powerup could be done as well by some smart power socket with lan connection so thats not that important. But a possible remote shutdown for hard poweroff would definitely be a good option.

    Remote Powerup/Shutdown could also be good options for rehearsals in fixed installations where Musicians/Stgage people would not need physical access to the Mixer room at all just to have some Monitoring, playback and sound checking.

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