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    I am looking to purchase a six mixer IEM system. The ME1 is feature packed. How do I take advantage of ALL the features available in the ME1 when hooked to the QU mixer? I would feel taken advantage of if I could not use what I paid for.

    Does A&H plan on making a monitor mixer that is reduced cost (and feature set) so I am not wasting big money buying features I am not able to ever use with a QU?

    Thank you.


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    an iPhone app could be the solution.

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    What ME features are you looking to use, specifically?

    Why would you think a monitor mixer variant would cost less?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi John,

    Qu mixers can send up to 40 signals to ME-1. The upcoming V1.5 firmware release makes the Monitor output patch flexible so you can have any combination of channels and mixes in any order. It will also communicate channel names to connected ME-1 units. This will take full advantage of the ME-1 system.

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    What a fantastic unit.
    However the manual (to me) is inside out, back to front and left me answering questions about who on earth compiled this little gem.
    I have spent 4-5 hours a day (about 4 days) on this with my QU32 just trying to figure how the heck I will use this?
    I 1st thought ahhh this maps 1 to 1 from the monitor out screen but wait… hold on it only has 16 buttons hence the looking everywhere trying in desperation for a bank flip to the next 16.
    So back to reading the PDF manual as the manual the ME1 ships with dose the unit no justice.

    So I find on page 27 of the PDF those magic words ‘it said’ to add “members” to a group.
    Ahh so that’s the key I have been looking for.

    Just a plain description of how to configure the system on a QU
    Sure I thought if I had an iLive or a GLD with lots of outputs one might be able to configure within those frame works.

    So. I now have configured the ME1 through lots of reading and watching Videos that the way forward is making groups so an operator can simply turn up/down that group volume into the mix that they require, or… what ever is assigned to a key.

    However (in group mode)I have NO volume display? (no metering)
    So I guess that’s my 1st question.

    I understand “default mode”
    There 7 modes.
    I collected another unit from the distributor just to make sure that the 1st ME1 is not faulty, and it is not!

    So now I’m looking for a block diagram for the options
    The type you get in manuals
    (not a wiring diagram)
    some people may call it a spread sheet of scenarios
    OR like a family tree diagram.
    If anyone could sketch this out? Post it here or Private Message me I would be gratefully ….

    PLEASE, only constructive comments
    I have no access to other users locally
    I am in a small pacific island way down under.

    Thanks and regards
    dave NZ

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    I guess my concern is that the QU32 is within a few hundred dollars of the X32. AH is likely looking to attract buyers in that price range. Now add 8 personal monitor mixers. My personal system (which is a GLD80) and the two churches I am advising for (considering QU32) do not need more than 16 channels on their personal monitor mixers. Running the math using the prices found easily on the web, here is what I get.

    Ignoring ethernet cabling the AH system is $6800. The equivalent P16-M system from that B company is $2436. Thats a diff of $4363. More than the x32 mixer costs. With the difference in board purchase price added, the differential becomes greater. Will A&H ever come out with a personal mixer to give them a run for their money?

    I realize the A&H system uses more robust Ethercon cables but for the difference I can keep a spare mixer and set of cables hanging around.

    Give me hope I can bring them into the A&H ecosystem please.

    The system I am comparing above is:
    8 personal mixers w/ 16 channels
    8 stand mounts
    1 distributer.

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    Hi John-s,

    I can’t speak for A&H, but it seems to me that the 16 ch personal mixing system is an over saturated market. There are quite a few good options and many at very low price points. Aside from the benefit of QU and GLD mixer integration, I understand A&H’s desire to break the mold and set themselves apart…even if it means a higher price point. The ME-1 is a unique market niche.

    If anything, you can pitch it as future proofing. If they eventually need more channels or switch systems but still use option cards, the me-1 system is a great solution. All of the venues I work at with s16s deal with channel count limitations. They find workarounds, but the ME-1 rarely has this issue.

    Just my two cents.

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    I understand your point. But the same is true for $3k digital mixers? That market is saturated too, no?

    My feeling is why bring a mixer to compete directly in this price point that has personal mixers available but they are so prohibitively expensive that buying that inexpensive mixer fruitless. If I had enough to buy 8 ME1s I could but 12 of the other and get a free 32 channel board in the deal. Just sayin’


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    You’re asking A&H to compete directly with Behringer on price? That sadly, goes one way.

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    My first comment was that they ARE competing on price for the mixer but the expansion accessories are almost three times the cost.

    Merry Christmas.


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