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    Mix button for “IP —> Matrix” doesn’t work like it does for “IP —> Aux” Mix button.
    Is this normal? Cant find any docs on it being correct or not. Cant find a setting anywhere….


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    Yes it’s correct.
    If you need to send an input to a matrix, you have to select the mix button of the matrix or use the routing screen.

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    Mix button on MTX doesn’t allow IP on fader either. Seems to be only groups/LR to MTX allowed on fader

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    Why don’t you read the Surface manual part 3.4 “working with the mix”
    It’s all explained there in detail…

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    RS –
    I’m not referencing that because it doesn’t answer the question.
    This is related to Matrix mix buttons not acting in the same manner as the Aux mix buttons do.
    AND Channel mix buttons not acting the same in send to Aux v send to Matrix.
    Why don’t you read the original post “#114054”

    Glad to hear/try other suggestions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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