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    I am working with many HoW & churches, most of them have a pool of musicians which participate in always changing band setups, many audio engineers are volunteers.

    It would be great, if the channel lib would offer a switch “recall name”. Right now the workflow is slow: recall channel, tap preamp section, tap name, change name, hit apply, next. Why not offer a solution to recall the names, too?

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    I am still learning all the quirks of our Qu.
    Can’t you save scenes and get that when you recall a specific scene?

    I see channel names on our Qu, which the MD of the church had assigned, when I recall our scenes for Weds and Sunday.

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    Imagine a wordhip team instead of a worshib band. Today peter plays piano and sings, his vocals on ch. 27. next sunday he is the lead singer, same mic but ch. 1.

    Right now you recall all channels, tap the headamp on screen, change names.

    Of couse there are a lot of workarounds, but recalling channelstrips from the library is the one task you always do. So why not enable recalling the name, too?

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    The easiest way is to not worry about people’s names, and label with channel description, for band and singers. This is same method at each of our campuses. Channel order is same across locations too. So any audio engineer can walk in and now where very channel is.

    We just use
    Elec 1 always lead guitar
    Elec 2 always rhythm guitar (not always 2 guitars)
    Acc Accoustic
    Key 1 main piano keys
    Key 2 Synth

    WL Worship leader
    BV 1 Brn Brown
    BV 2 Red Red
    BV 3 Grn Green
    BV 4 Blu Blue

    MC Mc mic channel
    Headset Preaching headset

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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