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    TL;DR, I’m looking to a way to bypass Preamps to get a signal into my desk (AES not viable)

    I own a DLive s5000 and a MeyerSound Galileo 616

    The Galileo system have 6 ins (either line or AES) and 16 outs(all line level outs)

    I’d like to have my Galileo near my desk, with its outs routed to my desk, then tie lined to my DX32 systems (different dx32s to eventually reach delay towers with a single cable).

    I can’t find a way to get into my desk without hitting a mic preamplifier. Digital ins is not an option as my Galileo system only has XLR line level outs. The PAD on the desk doesn’t bypass Preamps and I don’t want anything between my Galileo and my DX32s (besides AD/DA, I’m aware of it of course)

    Any Ideas or Suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I think you are making some assumptions about what a preamp is and what it does. You can absolutely connect a line level source to the XLR inputs of both the surface and mixrack without having to worry about the ‘quality’ of the incoming signal. They are considered mic/line inputs. A line level input would also have components in the signal path.

    In short: Don’t worry about it.

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    Because the Galileo is outputting an analog signal, you are going to have to go through the A->D conversion which is in line with the “preamp” on the DLive system. There is no way to route signal to the A/D converter without going through the preamp first. See page 139 of the firmware reference guide for a block diagram that shows this path. (

    A digital signal (via AES, USB, or an option card) would bypasses the A->D conversion, but that simply isn’t going to be an option with the Galileo.

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    Engage the PAD on the inputs and you have line level. You can also optionally go through DI boxes, or a rackmount DI.

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