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    I use the SQ5 as the front end and the mixer in a personal home recording situation. I don’t mix live shows with it.
    My need is to exclude FX returns from PAFL action, so that when I solo (AFL) a channel or a group of channels, I hear the reverb or whatever other FX returns with it automatically, without needing to solo them manually every time. On a recording desk it’s called Solo Safe. Can this mode be set up on the SQ?

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    Update to the last post since edits are not possible (unless I’m missing something):

    I know that the Listen bus is straight from the PAFL path, so a true solo operation is not possible with this mixer. It would be cool if A&H added an option in Mixer Config / Role page for PAFL/Solo operation of the PAFL buttons. That would make the SQ a much better DAW companion.

    The work around for now is to just Solo DAW tracks using the DAW Control layer, but it’s not a 100% solution because it doesn’t work for any other sources. Things like hardware synths or live microphones would not be muted when something gets soloed.

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    as already mentioned in numerous other threads,
    the SQ is a live sound mixer in the first place…
    and the solo system is made for this.

    If you need particular features for your workflow and don’t get them with the desk at the moment
    it could be that you choose the wrong tool…

    And I want to make clear that I’m not arguing against changes or improvements.
    But fundamental changes in operation of particular features should be made carefully,
    otherwise the potential of failure in the field will increase.

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