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    Trying to connect to the CQ4u app on iphone keeps asking for ip address.
    Where is this located? I tried network but nothing about ip address.
    Open the app on phone gives the option to choose unit but nothing happen when I
    Try to choose it. Just gives me demo and other that’s all.

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    I had this problem. My solution was this:
    Remove the CQ-4You app then cycle power on your phone then reinstall app.
    You need to make sure the phone is on the same network as the mixer

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    For some reason, A&H devices don’t ever seem to have a place where the system will display what it’s IP address is if it was set to DHCP. To make matters worse, most of their devices (I don’t have a CQ to check myself) don’t have the MAC address printed on the device or displayed anywhere in the software, so it’s literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack when you need to determine what the device’s DHCP assigned IP address is.

    A&H says that it is “best practice” to use static IP addresses with their devices and while I don’t disagree with them, I do think it is pretty shoddy programming to completely fail to include a way to show the device’s MAC address or DHCP assigned IP address.

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    As long as you have a device logged into CQ mix pad, its IP address can be found in:-

    Home/system/info, line 11. And the MAC address 2 lines above.

    Also on config tab/Control and Network. Current IP also displayed in lower panel

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    Mike C

    On the SQ the DHCP address can be found in the network set up menu.
    On the Qu in the utility menu under the diagnostics tab has the info.

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