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    I know this is my issue , but i just can’t seem to get to a state with the Dante cards in my mix racks where things are working solid.
    Part of this is because i keep changing my setup in order to have new capabilities, but here is where i am stuck.

    1. I cannot seem to get the dante firmware update process to work due to network issues. (i have a idr-16 and idr -32 with dante cards.
    2. The firmware update destructiouns say that the process will read the card and tell you want firmware level you card is. I am stuck at this point. Furthermore is would be great is there was a “cook book” of what you IP settings should be in the mix rack, adn the IP in teh dante card . I know this is supposed to be a simple setup. but i just can’t get the dante card to configure quickly and connect to VSC running on with a MAC or windows.

    I know many others have this working. What are your settings? :0



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    i made it a littel further, but stuck with the firmware updater not “seeing ” the dante card.
    tried both windows and mac pc , and get the same problem.

    What is the preferred connection (thru switch or direct), what port on teh dante card to connect to (control or primary)
    And what version of the updater will actually install the code?

    very frstrating

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Rasweig,

    You should connect direct to the Dante card Primary port. Assuming the Dante card has the default network settings (zero-conf / DHCP), your computer should be set to DHCP (not to a static IP address).

    Can you see the card in Dante Controller? If so, double click on the device to open its properties and check the firmware version. Depending on the firmware version, you might need a different version of the Updater tool, as explained on our website:
    If you are upgrading your M-Dante Module Firmware from version 3.4.15, you will need to upgrade to V3.6.4 with Dante Firmware Update Manager V1.3.2 first, then install the latest Dante Firmware Update Manager V1.4.5.7 and upgrade the module to V3.7.0.

    Note that the old Update Manager might have an expired certificate – if the Mac doesn’t launch it, try rolling back your system date to late 2012.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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